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Bristol Coffee, 100% Arabica Single Origin Coffee Available for Sale

Miami, FL, June 15, 2017 — Bristol Coffee, a family-run business that offers the best quality Nicaraguan, single origin, shade-grown, 100% Arabica coffee is available for sale in the United States through the Bristol Coffee website and on Amazon. Bristol Coffee has no chemical additives or added byproducts such as cocoa or wheat. Bristol Coffee is simply pure Arabica coffee beans which are cultivated, sorted, roasted and packaged in Santa Francisca Romana Estates, located in the shaded hills of San Marcos, Nicaragua. Special care and attention to detail taken during the entire process contribute greatly to Bristol Coffee’s extraordinary fragrance and fine aroma, its full body taste and mild, clean cup.

Santa Romana Estates has been family-operated for four generations since the late 1880’s when the adventuresome Vaughan brothers, Arthur and Marshall, sailed from the Port of Bristol, England, to Nicaragua to grow coffee. They chose San Marcos, Nicaragua for its altitude, which lends itself to the cultivation of quality coffee, and selected the rich soils of what is now known as Santa Francisca Romana Estates due to the plantation’s shady rolling hills and cool climate. Inspired by Arthur and Marshall’s enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit, their descendants in Nicaragua chose to go beyond just producing some of the country’s best coffee for wholesalers, and are bringing their best selection of Arabica beans directly to you via the Bristol Coffee websiteAmazon, or should you find yourself in Nicaragua, at Bristol Coffee Bar in Granada, Nicaragua.

In addition to producing quality Arabica coffee, Bristol Coffee is committed to the conservation of biodiversity and waterways, as well as ensuring a sustainable livelihood for workers and surrounding communities. Being sustainably minded, Bristol Coffee is proud to be both Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified, which assures products have been sourced from farm to shelf in a sustainable manner. In being strictly shade-grown, Bristol Coffee requires little to no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides as the tree canopies filter carbon dioxide (which contributes to global warming) and aid in soil moisture retention, minimizing erosion. Coffee plantations that are chemically dependent tend to suffer from soil depletion and increased erosion while shade-grown coffee is, for the most part, organic and sustainable. At Santa Francisca Romana, 100% organic compost is used to fertilize our coffee plants, and our coffee varietals are naturally resistant to leaf rust ensuring we don’t use chemical herbicides of any kind.

Bristol Coffee’s product line includes Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee and Medium Roast Ground Coffee, as well as branded merchandise such as coffee mugs. The flavor of our Medium Roast Coffee is mildly fruity or citrusy, has a delicately sweet aftertaste, balanced acidity, and a smooth finish that is never bitter. It is a medium-bodied coffee with a clean cup. Our coffee is never blended and beans are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness ensuring full flavor and consistency. Expect to see the introduction of Light Roast and Dark Roast Coffee to Bristol Coffee’s product line in the near future.

From June 12th – June 19th, Bristol Coffee is offering a 25% discount for Father’s Day. In addition to the sale, Bristol Coffee is having a fan giveaway on social media – three people who share Bristol Coffee’s post will be selected at random as winners, with each winner to receive a “I love you, dad” coffee mug and a 12 oz. bag of Bristol Coffee’s Medium Roast Ground Coffee.

For additional information on Bristol Coffee please visit our website or email us at

Ligia Vaughan
Bristol Coffee
PO Box 451404 Miami, FL 33245


Consequences of wet basement

Are you exhausted of wet and decay in your basement room? Cannot tolerate the moist odor in your clothes? Obviously, humidity is very unpleasant plus concerning health troubles. Inhaling and exhaling moist air is harmful for your lungs and bronchi. It can bring about hypersensitive effects like cough and running out of breath, sham asthma, pneumonia, etc.

Aside from health troubles, wet foundation will bring about ruining things in the basement room which is generally utilized for storing various things. Lastly, the walls and ground in your house will be defective because of constant moisture in the yard. End that now. Preserve your time and wealth.

Reasons for Wet Foundation

Once neighboring flower gardens and grasslands are drowned, the higher layer of soil gets sucked through and water discovers its passage in the cement cracks. Continuous leakage or seepage can bring about wet basement or even a flooding. Drains can be blocked and water will seep through the ceiling.

A wet basement is effected by surplus water pressure (caused by serious rain or melting snow) that is pushed through cracks in your home’s foundation. This pressure can lead to significant constructional damage to the foundation of your home and will also augment to additional moisture-related troubles, for example, mold and decay. Whether you utilize your basement for additional living space, storage space, or don’t utilize it at all, if you have a constant wet basement, seepage or some amount of flooding, you need to deal with the trouble as it will not go away on its own.

Constant wet basements or water leak troubles can decrease the worth of your home and many realtors warn their customers to repair their basement before putting their home on the market. Long-term water exposure in your basement can lead to foundation decay, mold and water-borne microorganisms to breed in your basement.

DryShield proffers numerous different basement waterproofing and wet basement repair solutions depending on your exact problem. Their technicians begin by determining the cause of the wetness and then suggesting an exterior or interior technique depending on the severity of the leak. We have been repairing basement leaks in Toronto and the surrounding GTA for over 25 years.

DryShield has the resolution for the water in your basement and is glad to help the Toronto area. With over 25 years of repairing and waterproofing wet basements, moist basements, basement leaks and foundation cracks, DryShield’s basement waterproofing practice assisting homeowners and clients in Toronto is incomparable.

Need For Repair of Cracks and Basement Crack Injection

By means of low-pressure crack injection, you can everlastingly repair a basement leak and foundation crack with no unreasonable price and troublemaking excavation.

Cracks in basement walls are common, but they can also be an indication of a weaken wall. It is a trouble that must get solved earlier than you complete your basement. Basement walls facilitate the structure of a home continue to be robust, which is good enough to maintain them correctly preserved while designing a basement upgrade. Water pressure from the earth nearby the foundation, or freezing and melting for the duration of temperature alterations, can lead to basement walls to crack.

While concrete cracks appear to be typical, it is not suggested that they continue to be overlooked. Almost all homeowners discover concrete cracks in their basement, whether on the foundation wall or on the basement floor. They may also identify cracks on the car port floor, courtyard or below-ground pond.

These cracks typically caused by drying degeneration, thermal movement or additional reasons usually are unimportant and result in a small number of troubles. Generally, a foundation crack will broaden with time and result in water seepage or probably the loss of constructional robustness. Foundation and block cracks are not only an ugly thing, but they may hamper the worth of the home.

Fortunately, there is a simple technique to everlastingly repair such cracks with no requirement for costly and disturbing excavation or sewer tile. Poured foundation cracks may be repaired by applying low-pressure injection of a polyurethane or epoxy foam material. For the repair of concrete floor cracks, special epoxies and polyurethanes materials exists, tailor-made for suchlike block repairs.

The use of such materials may be finished by a basement waterproofing contractor or a do-it-yourself landowner. Therefore, the repair of concrete cracks in either the foundation or the block may efficiently and effectively be finished in no more than an hour or extra.

The three basement crack repair and sealing techniques

Not all concrete crack repair techniques in the marketplace are recommended by industry experts. There are three industry standard techniques utilized to repair foundation cracks:

  1. Epoxy crack injection
  2. Polyurethane crack injection
  3. Exterior crack repair

Obviously there are a number of options available to you to fix a crack in your foundation; at the end of the day the decision is yours.

Select the Correct Wet Basement Waterproofing Technique

Basements accommodate all types of water supplies, pipes, and machines that make them really susceptible to flooding. Ruptured pipes and plumbing leaks can lead to a lot of harm to a basement. However pumping out the surplus water and fixing the leaking pipe is only the initial step to a fully waterproofed basement. If you don’t accurately dehydrate the moisture in the environment, you will be trapped with a wet, decaying basement for the near future.

Luckily, any excellent waterproofing contractor has numerous solutions to repair and improve your basement after a plumbing disappointment. Here are a number of instructions that might be helpful to stop mold and mildew growth and support a healthy basement atmosphere:

Tips to Prevent Mold and Mildew

Evaporate: – When a pipe ruptures or leaks disastrously, moisture go along with the air and preserve dampness. A basement dehumidifier has the ability to entirely evaporate the air in the area, which will eliminate mold and make your basement atmosphere more satisfying on the whole.

Substitute organic materials: – If water has seeped into wood, carpeting, or wall board in your basement, it is possibly an excellent initiative to have these materials substituted. Organic materials support the development of mold and are not appropriate for a basement atmosphere, however inorganic wall and floor choices prevail that are intended with the requirements of the basement in respect.

One range does not go with all: – There is no one greatest technique of dealing with the flooding and dampness problems in the basement. Every home is special and it is necessary to tackle the trouble by understanding the reason in particular. For a small number of homeowners, sealants or crack injections will take care of the trouble while others may require exterior waterproofing services. As a result, it is vital to get in touch with a qualified basement waterproofing contractor. The waterproofing contractor / company will recommend you the correct technique for taking care of wet basement.

The basement area of the residence naturally constitutes up to 45 – 50% of the whole square footage of possession.  Most significantly, it constructively supports the living area. As long as you take measures to completely dehydrate your basement after a plumbing collapse or ruptured pipe, you will reduce continuing harm and award yourself a more practical basement for the future.

If you are fed up with leaky basement, select DryShield, Ontario’s favorite wet basement waterproofing contractor.


GREEN CREATIVE, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer, proudly announces the release of its STRIP 4’ 38.5W and STRIP 4’ 22.5W linear fixtures.


San Bruno, CA, March 23, 2017 — GREEN CREATIVE, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer, proudly announces the release of its STRIP 4’ 38.5W and STRIP 4’ 22.5W linear fixtures.

Part of GREEN CREATIVE’s new QWIKLINK Series, these linear luminaires feature the QWIKLINK connection system to easily and seamlessly connect up to 64′ of fixtures. This innovative connection system includes the QWIKLINK connector for end-to-end fixture connections, the QWIKLINK cable for distant fixture connection and the QWIKLINK sensor for occupancy sensing and dimming for a single fixture or entire row. Each connector provides a 120-277V line voltage and 0-10V dimming connection between fixtures.

“The STRIP QWIKLINK Series is designed to make installation and connection between fixtures as easy and convenient as possible,” says GREEN CREATIVE’s Marketing Director, Matt Leonard. “All wiring is done using quick connectors, including 0-10V dimming, to save time during installation.”’

Each STRIP fixture installs quickly and easily. The light engine safety cable allows the whole product to be installed at once. Multiple knockouts located on each fixture allow for flexibility when wiring, regardless if the main input enters from the back or side of the product.

Both fixtures can be surface mounted using a J-box plate or suspended using aircraft cables. A QWIKLINK sensor which integrates with a single fixture or an entire row for occupancy sensing and dimming is also available.

All fixtures come with a 100,000-hr lifetime and 10-yr warranty and are available in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K CCT.

Detailed information and leaflet for the STIRP QWIKLINK Series can be found here.

These products are available through GREEN CREATIVE distributors and are ready to ship from the company’s west coast, central and east coast distribution centers. For more information on where to purchase these products near you or how to become a distributor, please contact GREEN CREATIVE at: or (866) 774-5433.

GREEN CREATIVE is a major solid state lighting development and manufacturing company based in the Bay Area, CA. The company specializes in retrofit lighting for the commercial market, offering a comprehensive line of LED lighting solutions. GREEN CREATIVE is fully integrated with strong R&D capabilities to constantly offer the latest technology available. For more information on GREEN CREATIVE please visit For all of the latest updates follow GREEN CREATIVE on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Connor Doyle
San Bruno, CA 94066

Why you need to call a contractor to solve water leakage problems

If you have possession of a property in Greater Toronto Area and it has not yet been accurately waterproofed, or the prevailing waterproofing has depreciated to a point where it is no longer useful, you must solve the problem at the first incident. Even if it will charge you a reasonable amount of money to have the task completed by skilled and completely competent specialists, this amount will fade into worthlessness when measured to the funds you count the days until the task is completed.

Spend a small amount of money now and you could preserve thousands of dollars in the future. An accurately waterproofed basement will give you the prospective to make the succeeding investments over the long-term:

Lower service bills: By waterproofing your basement, your foundations will be secured, reducing the amount of cool air in the summer and hot air lost in the winter, through this specific section of your possession.

Prohibition of mould: Wet basements are a reproduction ground for deadly mould, which can be harmful to the wellbeing of your family. In place of having to take curative measure once it sets in, it is much easier to take preventive action by calling a contractor that specializes in waterproofing in Toronto and have them waterproof your wet basement instantly. In addition to helping you save money on costly repairs in the future, this measure will make sure that your family members are protected from deadly mould that could result in costly trips to the doctor on a frequent basis.

Prevention of Water Damage – Negligence to install good quality waterproofing in your basement could lead to flooding in bad weather conditions. The expenditure of replacing furniture, carpets, and other fittings after a flood could surpass what you would have to pay a company that executes waterproofing in Toronto for household customers.

Possibility of a Basement Conversion – Once your foundations have been preserved, you might like to consider the option of renovating your basement into additional living space for your family. A basement conversion is far cheaper than a home addition or a shift to a larger property so it could cut expenditure and save you thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Call DryShield now to demand a free estimate for basement waterproofing in Toronto. As a fully trained, certified, and bonded contractor, you can have faith in us to complete all work to very high benchmarks and to leave your home in a neat and clean state. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most excellent waterproofing service possible at the most economical prices.

GREEN CREATIVE’s MR16 8.5W High CRI LED Lamp Selected as a Winner of LEDs Magazine Sapphire Awards

GREEN CREATIVE, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer, recently had its MR16 8.5W HIGH CRI selected as a winner in the Commercial-Quality SSL Lamp Design Category of LEDs Magazine annual Sapphire Awards.


San Bruno, CA, March 10, 2017 — GREEN CREATIVE, the commercial grade LED lighting manufacturer, recently had its MR16 8.5W HIGH CRI selected as a winner in the Commercial-Quality SSL Lamp Design Category of LEDs Magazine annual Sapphire Awards.

The Sapphire Awards Gala Dinner, held on the night of March 1, 2017, celebrated the most innovative companies in the solid-state lighting (SSL) industry by naming the third annual LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award winners. The event, held in conjunction with Strategies in Light, The LED Show, and Lightspace California in Anaheim, CA, honored the enabling technologies and elegance-of-design in finished lighting products in the industry.

“With LEDs sources the story was long about energy efficiency, but when history is written it will be about photometrics and form factor. LEDs enable all new experiences in light,” said Maury Wright, Editor-in-Chief of LEDs Magazine. “Our Sapphire Awards winners exemplify that eventuality with innovation that is simply amazing relative to products from one year ago.”

The ENERGY STAR certified MR16 8.5W HIGH CRI is a 75W halogen replacement and has been selected by the Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IES) 2016 Progress Report. At just 8.5W, this lamp emits 580 lumens with a CBCP of 2950 cd., making it the most efficient high CRI 75W halogen replacement available.

The MR16 8.5W was designed and engineered for commercial applications that demand high performance lighting and accurate color rendering. This dimmable lamp is available in spot, narrow flood and flood beam angles and three color temperatures with all models exceeding ENERGY STAR’s center beam candle power (CBCP) requirements for 75W equivalents.

The lamp features a typical high CRI 92, R9 65 and R13 93, providing crisp and vibrant colors across the whole spectrum, making it ideal for merchandise, art and food applications. In addition, this lamp’s color temperatures fall within a 4-step Macadam ellipse to ensure minimal color deviation across lamps.

For complete details on the MR16 8.5W HIGH CRI DIM, click here.


GREEN CREATIVE is a major solid state lighting development and manufacturing company based in the Bay Area, CA. The company specializes in retrofit lighting for the commercial market, offering a comprehensive line of LED lighting solutions. GREEN CREATIVE is fully integrated with strong R&D capabilities to constantly offer the latest technology available. For more information on GREEN CREATIVE please visit For all of the latest updates follow GREEN CREATIVE on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Connor Doyle
San Bruno, CA 94066