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Bristol Coffee, 100% Arabica Single Origin Coffee Available for Sale

June 16, 2017

Miami, FL, June 15, 2017 — Bristol Coffee, a family-run business that offers the best quality Nicaraguan, single origin, shade-grown, 100% Arabica coffee is available for sale in the United States through the Bristol Coffee website and on Amazon. Bristol Coffee has no chemical additives or added byproducts such as cocoa or wheat. Bristol Coffee is simply pure Arabica coffee beans which are cultivated, sorted, roasted and packaged in Santa Francisca Romana Estates, located in the shaded hills of San Marcos, Nicaragua. Special care and attention to detail taken during the entire process contribute greatly to Bristol Coffee’s extraordinary fragrance and fine aroma, its full body taste and mild, clean cup.

Santa Romana Estates has been family-operated for four generations since the late 1880’s when the adventuresome Vaughan brothers, Arthur and Marshall, sailed from the Port of Bristol, England, to Nicaragua to grow coffee. They chose San Marcos, Nicaragua for its altitude, which lends itself to the cultivation of quality coffee, and selected the rich soils of what is now known as Santa Francisca Romana Estates due to the plantation’s shady rolling hills and cool climate. Inspired by Arthur and Marshall’s enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit, their descendants in Nicaragua chose to go beyond just producing some of the country’s best coffee for wholesalers, and are bringing their best selection of Arabica beans directly to you via the Bristol Coffee websiteAmazon, or should you find yourself in Nicaragua, at Bristol Coffee Bar in Granada, Nicaragua.

In addition to producing quality Arabica coffee, Bristol Coffee is committed to the conservation of biodiversity and waterways, as well as ensuring a sustainable livelihood for workers and surrounding communities. Being sustainably minded, Bristol Coffee is proud to be both Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified, which assures products have been sourced from farm to shelf in a sustainable manner. In being strictly shade-grown, Bristol Coffee requires little to no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides as the tree canopies filter carbon dioxide (which contributes to global warming) and aid in soil moisture retention, minimizing erosion. Coffee plantations that are chemically dependent tend to suffer from soil depletion and increased erosion while shade-grown coffee is, for the most part, organic and sustainable. At Santa Francisca Romana, 100% organic compost is used to fertilize our coffee plants, and our coffee varietals are naturally resistant to leaf rust ensuring we don’t use chemical herbicides of any kind.

Bristol Coffee’s product line includes Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee and Medium Roast Ground Coffee, as well as branded merchandise such as coffee mugs. The flavor of our Medium Roast Coffee is mildly fruity or citrusy, has a delicately sweet aftertaste, balanced acidity, and a smooth finish that is never bitter. It is a medium-bodied coffee with a clean cup. Our coffee is never blended and beans are hand-picked at the peak of ripeness ensuring full flavor and consistency. Expect to see the introduction of Light Roast and Dark Roast Coffee to Bristol Coffee’s product line in the near future.

From June 12th – June 19th, Bristol Coffee is offering a 25% discount for Father’s Day. In addition to the sale, Bristol Coffee is having a fan giveaway on social media – three people who share Bristol Coffee’s post will be selected at random as winners, with each winner to receive a “I love you, dad” coffee mug and a 12 oz. bag of Bristol Coffee’s Medium Roast Ground Coffee.

For additional information on Bristol Coffee please visit our website or email us at

Ligia Vaughan
Bristol Coffee
PO Box 451404 Miami, FL 33245


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