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Things you need to know about waterproofing

December 30, 2016

Most of the people who buy a new house for themselves are not concerned about their basement. People should be aware of waterproofing their basement, which is essentially the foundation of the building. When the foundation is faulty, your house will be prone to several hazards. Of late, most of the builders are conscious and they usually waterproof their walls. It is imperative that the basements should be waterproofed during the initial stages of construction pattern.  The industrial development seems to have widened the mindset of the builders who are alert and believe in the fact that, ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Making the basement walls water resistant will help you in the long run. This will prevent leakages posing a threat to the building. Waterproofing generally involves coating and painting the exterior walls. Waterproofing is not only limited to exterior surface of your building. One of the famous interior waterproofing options is the installation of drainage and sewage system with functioning water pumps. When you have your basement waterproofed, it is imperative that you check it once in a while. With years progressing, wear and tear may happen and if it is not checked properly, further damages are caused to your building. Hence it is essentially to act as fast as possible.

In case of any leakages, molds might grow, causing bad odor and several health hazards. A damp environment will lead to pest development. Those who suffer from asthma and breathing problems will have difficult time breathing.

A house owner should understand the fact that no basement is waterproofed for eternity. So, one should be aware how long the waterproof will hold and get it redone.  When the owner doesn’t check properly, then cracks may develop and widen with due course of time. With cracks widening, water will seep through, because of which the basement of your building is weakened.

Firstly, the house owner should keep checking the basement for any sign of gaps or cracks through with water can leak through. Sometimes, DIY can help you fix the problem, but it may not hold for a long time. A suitable waterproof compound from the local hardware store will seal the deal for the time being. But, it is ideal to hire a professional contractor to help you with the issue.  When you plan to hire a contractor, make sure you gather information about some of the best services available in Toronto. Compare the rough estimates of the services and choose a service that is cost-effective and that fits your budget.

Dry Shield Water Solutions Corp is the largest waterproofing contractor in Canada. In business for the last 25 years, through the integrity and quality of work, and an unparalleled customer service, DryShield is accredited as the best waterproofing company in the industry. Call us at 1-800- 277-5411 for a free basement Waterproofing Toronto quote and to avail our services.


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