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A foundation crack shouldn’t worry you no longer – Hire us and we will rectify the problem

December 7, 2016

Coming home from a tiring day at work is a blissful feeling to every man and woman. Our home is something precious to all of us as it gives us the notion that we are all safe under one roof. Be it a rented or own house, it will give you the sense of satisfaction. But, we should take all the necessary steps to protect our house from several hazards. With an unpredictable weather, it is quite common to see cracks developing in the house’s foundation. It is, definitely a major concern for every house owner as your basement is shaken.

However, small cracks aren’t as alarming as the bigger ones. If you see a crack that is as large as an quarter inch or more, make you get it check immediately by a professional. It is equally important to stop the cracks from spreading, as it will impose serious damage to your house. If the cracks are unattended, water can seep through them and weaken the foundation walls.

Step 1 : Inspection

Right from the weather and earthquake, there are several reasons to see a crack in the foundation. Firstly, an owner needs to hire a contractor or a structural engineer to deeply inspect the cracks at their house. It is easier and cheaper to attend to the cracks before they grow bigger. Even though, we will be able to spot the cracks with our eyes, a report from a professional would help us solve the issue. Some of the common reasons for cracks to appear are due to the settling of the soil and development of excessive moisture.

Step 2 : Preparing for crack repair 

When you spot a crack on your foundation, clear the loose materials with the help of a brush or a screw driver. As mentioned before, small cracks can be attended easily with the help of several DIY methods. All you need to do is to widen the crack using a hammer and a chisel to undercut the crack edges. Now, wet the crack surface with water and pat the area dry with any cloth.

Step 3 : Repairing the cracks

When it comes to DIY methods, an owner can purchase several patching compounds which can be applied on using a paintbrush. For example, use the cement mixture and pack the crack without any gaps. Level it with a towel and repeat the process in circular motion again after an hour.

How to repair larger cracks?

An evaluation report is extremely important in such cases as it would have details about the cause of the crack. Make sure the contractor what the structural engineer has ordered him to do. For better results, hire Dry Shield Water Solutions Corp in Canada, who has 25 years of experience in basement repair. Call us at 1-800- 277-5411 for a free wet basement quote and to avail our services.


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