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Your Wet Basement Need No Longer Bother You- Discover Basement Waterproofing

September 25, 2016

With water damages affecting 80% of houses, knowledge on basement waterproofing is inevitably required to any homeowner with a basement.  This is due to the fact that basements are highly prone to flooding, specifically in places with snow melts, or heavy rainfall.  A wet basement can cause many problems, and also projects the constant threat of flooding and water damage. Not only the flooding part a nightmare but the aftermath of the floods, the draining of the area and preventing further moisture accumulation and mold formation, is dreary.

Closing the water leak, into your house, with waterproofing products is the procedure for basement waterproofing. Waterproofing structurally strengthens the house, and also makes the basement a place fit to live in. Water seepage and dampness on walls and floors, from leaky fixtures, foundation cracks, or internal humidity, is a very common problem. Sealing these areas and cutting off the source of the leak, makes your basement useful by expanding the living space.

Basement waterproofing is broad of two types, internal and external. The method of waterproofing will depend on the source of water that infuses into the basement. Water, which leaks into the house from the foundation and concrete slabs, requires a different technique compared to water from internal sources or leaking pipes.

The dampness on the walls, due to moisture, can be reduced using sealants. A sealant prevents moisture from getting absorbed into surfaces, and also from spreading to the other areas of the house. Moreover, it keeps the levels of humidity low. You have to use this method of applying an interior sealant in combination with other waterproofing methods, as this method as a stand-alone technique is not sufficient to properly protect the basement from water infusion.  Similarly draining water through a sump pump is a method of interior water drainage. Here the water is moved through the foundation and then through the underside the basement floor. But while using this technique, you have to ensure that your drainage system remains operational even on power failure, or if there is a temporary failure of the sump pump.

All these nuances in the waterproofing techniques and their effectiveness, with respect to your situation, can be properly analyzed only by a professional and skilled contractor. Dry Shield Water Solutions Corp is the largest waterproofing contractor in Canada. In business for the last 25 years, through the integrity and quality of work, and an unparalleled customer service, DryShield is accredited as the best waterproofing company in the industry. Call us at 1-800-277-5411 for a free basement waterproofing quote and to avail our services.


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