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Hygienist Divine Fry Urges Ozone Gas Treatment To Kill Mold, Mycotoxins, Germs & Odors in Philippines

July 21, 2015

Divine Fry, Certified Environmental Hygienist and Professional Industrial Hygienist recommends that Philippines homeowners and commercial property owners arrange the high output ozone generator gas treatment of their residences or buildings to kill airborne mold spores, airborne mold mycotoxins, exposed mold growth, bacterial infestations, and bad building odors.


Montrose, MI, July 20, 2015(PressReleaseCircle) — “The first step to kill visible toxic mold growth, airborne mold spores, airborne mold volatile organic compounds (mycotoxins), bacteria, germs and offensive odors in Philippines houses, workplaces, and commercial buildings is to do high output ozone treatment in all areas of the house or building, including the attic, all rooms, basement, crawl space, garage, air conditioners, and air conditioning ducts,” recommends Divine Fry, Professional Industrial Hygienist, Certified Environmental Hygienist, mold expert, and co-webmaster of and

“The most effective and affordable way to get rid of many indoor pollutants and environmental problems is the use of newly-developed environmental technologies and equipment such as a high output ozone generator and an air scrubber that utilizes both an activated carbon filter (for trapping and removing VOCs) and a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter (for trapping and removing airborne mold spores and dust),” adds Ms. Fry, who is a Filipina, and also a Certified Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediator, Certified Environmental Inspector, Certified Remediation Specialist, and Certified Duct Cleaning Specialist.

“For Philippines mold remediation projects, EnviroDangers Philippines utilizes a very high output ozone generator (40,000 ozone units per hour), plus other high tech mold killing, mold remediation, mold inspection, and mold testing equipment,” adds Ms. Fry, who will be in the Philippines to serve Philippines real estate owners and managers from August 24, 2015, onward.

To schedule mold inspection, testing, removal, and remediation services anywhere in the Philippines, contact EnviroDangers owner and manager Divine Fry by emailing or phone USA 1-810-639-0523 or 1-480-310-7970.

Divine Fry, Manager
EnviroDangers Philippines
10104 Sheridan Rd.,
Montrose, MI 48457
Phone USA 1-810-639-0523
1-480-310-7970 and


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