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New Clean Coal Technology Eliminates Both Carbon and Mercury-Coal Power Can Be Clean

July 16, 2015

The Supreme Court struck down new Clean Air Act requirement. Now a synthesis of new technologies, give the coal companies and the EPA both what they need by cutting coal burning costs, while at the same time, reducing emissions and making the air cleaner.


Sheffield Village, Ohio, July 14, 2015(PressReleaseCircle) — One hundred and ninety five coal plants are on the list to be shut down, says the Sierra Club. What this means for coal is the death that we all thought would come slowly will be induced to a few more years, leaving thousands of Americans immediately jobless and the crippled economy no healthier and the environment no safer with the current power-fuel alternatives. Coupled with the clean air act by the Obama Administration was the move to place regulation on mercury emissions. Coal plants produce around 50 tons of mercury a year, and the clean up equipment would have required a $250,000,000 budget as a result of this ruling. The Clean Air Act was ruled against, putting coal in a better place than it could have been, but the match isn’t over. Still, the presidents proposal will result in restricting carbon emissions by 30 percent or more. Though the mercury fight was surprising and refreshing victory for coal, the battle will continue as we wait for the decision on Obama’s Proposal near the end of the summer.

In Germany, the coalition government said it will retract 2700 megawatts of power from coal powered plants by 2020, while holding other generators dormant as a necessary precaution. In America, the government is trying to reduce coal powered plants by close to 50 gigawatts- not megawatts- by 2040. Understanding the difference in size between the two nations being compared, the difference in amount of power is still overwhelming. The questions now are as follows: Can we handle such a drastic loss? Is removing coal as a major power fuel the solution economically? Is it the solution environmentally?

With around 12,000 directly coal related workers in Kentucky who would receive a booted print in their rears, and which certainly does not bode well for the Nation. It is no more helpful economically when the alternative forms of power are considered, and without a doubt the alternatives switchover costs are prohibitive. In fact, coal is less dangerous than natural gas to the environment, due to the nature of natural gas trapping heat more effectively in the atmosphere with methane more than 32x then CO2.

The solutions put forth by the government have proven to be unsatisfactory and dangerous. The solutions presented by alternate forms of energy have also been quite disappointing. The most overlooked alternative solution to the issue at hand is reinventing coal fired power production. It certainly can be done. Researchers and innovative thinkers have been focusing on this possibility for years, and a few have developed some astonishing possibilities that help make the production of power with coal both safer for the environment and up to 25% percent more efficient. The solution combines an advanced combustion catalyst that reduces the amount of coal being burned and combines it with a completely new Zero emission WESP (wet electrostatic precipitator) coal stack air cleaning technology, which reduces the solids and particulates by 99.9% and the cuts the carbon dioxide production in half, and when combined with the catalyst reduces the carbon dioxide by 76%. Many coal companies in several different countries are now using this new method in their coal production and seeing exceptional results. This new syntheses of technologies offers the solution to the coal fired power production Clean Air issues here in America.

About: Burn Less Coal is a company dedicated to safe-guarding the environment, while actively providing new solutions for the coal industry. In an effort to help reduce the negative environmental impact of coal, it has created some fascinating combustion solutions. Backed by university research, actual full scale power plant installations, and real world results, its revolutionary solutions will help reclaim the environment and the coal industry for years to come. Charlles Bohdy Senior Partner at Burn Less Coal, mailing address c/o 4456 North Abbe Rd #103, Sheffield Village Ohio [44035], Toll Free 844-les-coal 844-537-2625. Website:

Charlles Bohdy, Senior Partner
4456 North Abbe Rd #103,
Sheffield Village, Ohio, 44035
Toll Free 844-les-coal
Phone 844-537-2625


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