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Giving Coal Companies a Fighting Chance to Survive the Clean Power Act

June 28, 2015

One of the most common and easily available forms of fossil fuel, coal has been a major driving force for industrial advances in the history of mankind. In the present age, though, the rich legacy of coal is ignored almost entirely in favor of “futuristic” analysis. With campaigns such as Obama’s Clean Power Plan, world governments are trying to throttle coal factories with every passing day. If such companies must survive, there’s only one solution ahead of them: be more environmentally conscious and Burn Less Coal.


Sheffield Village, OH, June 26, 2015(PressReleaseCircle) — The first steam engines, the first stoves, the first factories all depended upon coal. The coal industry single handedly rang in the Industrial Revolution, a glorious period which led to most of the modern advances that are so familiar to us today. It is a sad day when humanity, having already gained a new pair of wings, forgets the ground that it rose from.

The challenges of environmental laws and campaigns are many and numerous, the most recent one being President Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Fourteen coal-producing states and major coal companies failed in their combined lawsuit against this signature campaign, portending dark days for the coal industry. In fact, the EIA just issued a report that states the new regulations will result in double the plant closings originally forecasted by the EPA.

The coal companies had lawyers as prolific as Lawrence H. Tribe, one of the most prominent figures of Constitutional Law and Obama’s mentor at Harvard Law School – but to no avail. With the government now gaining legal backup for their plans, where do coal producers stand in today’s world?

This is where a company such as Burn Less Coal steps into the bigger picture. With both real world and lab tested results backing it up, Burn Less Coal is an environmentally-attuned product that ensures lower coal consumption and reduced carbon emissions. Not only does this benefit the environment by reducing the amount of coal being burned every day to generate the same amount of power, but it also significantly benefits coal companies. How? Let’s take a look.

This product from Burn Less Coal is a unique catalyst, and when coal is treated with it, it results in 100% combustion and minimal by-products. In terms of benefits, it facilitates better combustion which results in more energy production, and in turn, reduces the amount of coal required. Just to fill in the statistical figures, it can be mentioned that the catalyst, when tested under industrial conditions, shows a 15% lowered rate of consumption of coal for the same BTU output. Plus the fact that the coal burns 5-8% cleaner when sprayed with the Burn Less Coal spray.

In addition, there are benefits such as lowered furnace-cleaning costs, reduction of sulfur emission, ash, slag formation, erosion, and so on. Due to higher heat energy produced by primary and secondary reactions, less coal is burned leading to less toxic emissions. With an initial fee of just $275,000, you get a 30-60 day trial period where technicians come on site and prove these results to you, guaranteed.

About Burn Less Coal: A company that is currently proving its worth in seven different coal plants around the world, Burn Less Coal provides an effective solution for the coal industry. With its sincerity, dedication, and a talented team of experts, the company expects its reach to double in this present year alone. To learn more contact Charlles Bohdy Senior Partner at NEWMAX DEVELOPMENT ENTERPRISES, LLC, mailing address c/o 4456 North Abbe Rd #103, Sheffield Village Ohio [44035], Toll Free 844-les-coal 844-537-2625. Website:

Charlles Bohdy, Senior Partner
Newmax Development Enterprises, LLC
4456 North Abbe Rd #103,
Sheffield Village, Ohio, 44035
Toll Free 844-les-coal


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