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Camille Paldi, CEO of FAAIF, Calls for Justice

December 11, 2014

Camille Paldi Requests Her Colleagues to Boycott and Not to Participate in Illegal Police and Military Harassment Directed Against Her.

Dubai, UAE, December 11, 2014 — FAAIF CEO Camille Paldi recently attended two more Islamic finance events on behalf of FAAIF including the World Islamic Banking Conference in Bahrain and the Sharjah Halal Congress in the UAE as an exhibitor. Camille Paldi reveals that she is being subjected to illegal police and military harassment and aggression on the basis that she is supposedly about to break a law. Camille Paldi would like to clarify that she has not broken a single law nor committed any crime and that this abuse of police power is completely illegal and it is illegal for anyone to participate in this illegal harassment. This police harassment is in violation of every constitution on the planet as well as many laws and regulations around the world. Camille Paldi clarifies that in fact it is the police and military breaking the law and committing a crime and that she is in fact a law-abiding, exemplary lawyer, professional, business owner, and citizen. Camille Paldi is worried about the increasing trend of militarization in the United States and the world and what the impact will be on ordinary law-abiding citizens.


Camille Paldi reveals that she has been subjected to this treatment everyday 24/7 for over one year and a half and that the police and military have put her under house arrest and in an outdoor prison due to the fact that she is an emerging female Islamic finance and business success. Paldi states that the police and security organizations are using the front that she is about to break a law to conduct a corporate attack on her new, emerging business FAAIF. FAAIF CEO emphasizes that Western free-market economies are based on the principle of freedom of contract and this is one of the basic pillars of a free and democratic society.

Paldi also states that these men are endangering her health and wellbeing, her livelihood, and are conducting numerous crimes including, but not limited to endangerment, stalking, harassment, kidnapping, bullying, false imprisonment, defamation, slander, intimidation, and assault. Paldi says it is excessive to be pursued by a US military special operations unit as she is a well-educated American lawyer with a special status in the global billion dollar Islamic Finance industry. In addition, Paldi fears for her safety as every time she walks outside, she is aggressively pursued and followed by male military personnel as if she were a notorious international villain in the movie Commando and that they have turned her quiet, peaceful neighborhood of eight years in Dubai into a manufactured and fictitious warzone.

Camille Paldi, CEO of FAAIF has ten university degrees and has qualified as a lawyer in four countries including passing the Qualified Lawyers Test Transfer Scheme in the UK. Paldi also completed the MA Islamic Finance program in Durham University UK and attended Colgate University, the London School of Economics, The Monterey Institute of International Studies, The University of Sydney, The University of Melbourne, Kyoto International Center of Languages, Kansai Gaidai University, the East China University of Politics and Law in Shanghai, China, the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance, and many other Universities and training institutes around the world. Paldi also speaks many languages and pursues various hobbies including piano, photography, and dance. Camille Paldi calls for an end to her police and military harassment and requests that her colleagues do not participate in this illegal harassment and take a stand for justice because it could equally be them in the same position. “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.

Camille Paldi, CEO
FAAIF Limited
Dubai, UAE
+971 56 950 0562


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