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Econotel Launches Website To Warn Men About Serial Internet Love Schemer Filipina Catherine Morin

November 12, 2014

Econotel Guest Inn announces the launch of the website to warn men to avoid internet romance schemer ladies from the Philippines who prey upon men seeking to meet a good Filipina for lifetime marriage.

Philippines, November 12, 2014(PressReleaseCIrcle) — “Athough most Philippine ladies (Filipinas) who seek to meet and marry a foreigner are wholesome, loving, honest, and faithful women, there are a significant number of Philippines-based internet love schemers such as Catherine Morin Sy, of Mabinay, Philippines,” announced Phillip Fry, co-owner of Econotel Guest Inn, a Mabinay hotel that is wrongfully under the control of Sy as a trespassing tenant.

Fry just launched the website to warn men because of Sy’s continuing online presence on multiple Philippine and international dating and matchmaking websites.

Although already married (but separated) to a Filipino and already having at least two Filipino boyfriends, Sy has placed her attractive pictures and personal profile on multiple matchmaking sites over probably the past ten years.

Because Sy is very good in both spoken and written English and very quick to be romantic in initial phone calls and emails with foreign guys who seek to meet a good Filipina for lifetime marriage, Sy has become a serial lover and defrauder of multiple men from the U.S.A., Europe, and Australia.

She is very persuasive in getting the men to buy or loan her what she wants such as big money, a new vehicle, and real estate investments.

After she gets all that she can scam from a guy, she then dumps him to concentrate her time and energy to capture another scam victim. She communicates with many guys at a time to lure them to Mabinay, Philippines, where she illegally operates the Econotel guest inn and restaurant, for which Sy is trying to steal the ownership of from the American co-owners by continually delaying for years her court eviction for non-payment of rent, non-payment of taxes, theft of hotel equipment and furnishings, and failure to properly maintain the hotel buildings.

When her foreign victims realize that they have been victimized and then try to get back their money and assets, Sy keeps her ill-gotten money and other assets by threatening to blacklist the man from entering into, or being in, the Philippines by using her good political connections with the Philippines Bureau of Immigration, one of the many corrupt government agencies in that nation.

Sy will also make up false accusations against the foreigners such as that the man stole something (such as her motorcycle in one case) from her, or that the foreigner is involved in sex crimes.

Because Sy is but one of thousands of Filipinas who are serial internet love scammers, Fry advises men not to use Philippine or international matchmaking internet websites to meet Filipinas.

Instead, visit the Philippines for the three week free visa time allowed for international visitors and go meet prospective Filipinas by such proven ways as attending Catholic or Protestant church services. A man can then introduce himself to the priest or minister and explain that he seeking to meet and marry a good Christian Filipina for lifetime marriage.

The priest or minister will usually be more than happy to introduce the man to suitable marriage partners, all of whom have a good moral reputation in the parish or church and local community.

Other Catherine Sy victims should contact Phillip Fry to work together to get back as much as possible of Sy’s ill-gotten gains, and to protect other foreign men from Sy and other Filipina serial internet love scammers. Email Phillip at or visit

Phillip Fry
Econotel Guest Inn.
National Hwy., Bulwang,
Negros Oriental 6207, Philippines
Phone 1-480-310-7970


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