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Save Time and Big Money This Holiday Season by Knowing Where and How to Shop Online – A Special Report

November 9, 2014, a Cash Back, Coupons and Deals website, released a Special Report, “Save Time and Big Money This Holiday Season by Knowing Where and How to Shop Online.”


Las Vegas, Nevada, November 6, 2014(PressReleaseCircle) —, a Cash Back, Coupons and Deals website, released a Special Report, “Save Time and Big Money This Holiday Season by Knowing Where and How to Shop Online.”

Do you know which online stores you are going to do most of your holiday shopping? If you know where most of your presents are going to be bought from, you can start planning your purchases now to save time and a boat load of money. Here is what you should start to do now:

1. Find the store(s) you are going to shop at on You want to make sure you are getting all the Cash Back you can. Each week CashBackCat posts a new list of Double Cash Back stores on its site. Most recent Double Cash Back sites are listed on the Home Page, but a full list of Double Cash Back sites are listed on the “Double Cash Back” page, which can be found on the top page menu. Each week check the site for Double Cash Back store changes. CashBackCat typically has over 50 Double Cash Back stores at any one time and over 1,600 Cash Back stores are on the site.



2. Confirm that you are getting sales and promotional emails from CashBackCat. “The over 1,600 merchant partners notify us of sales and promotions on a weekly and many times daily basis. We review their sales and promotions and forward the best deals to you. Many of the promotions are 50% to 90% off their offering. All you have to do to get our emails is to sign-up as a member. Once you are a member you will receive the best sales and promotions our partners have to offer,” stated John Freeland, President of You will also automatically qualify to participate in drawings and contests.

From time to time we will email you if a merchant is having a Flash Sale or one day special promotion.

3. Per chance you miss any of the scheduled emails; you can always find them posted on our blog and Facebook. The blog is on the website or you can go there directly by typing in

4. If you know which store(s) you will be shopping, your next step would be to check out the CardCash store on Not only can you save up to 35% on your store gift card, but you will also receive 1.00% Cash Back from CashBackCat. For example, if you know you will be doing most of your holiday shopping at Macy’s and it’s going to cost you $2,500, simply find a Macy’s card for that amount. Not only will you be purchasing that card at a discount, but you will also receive 1.00% Cash Back. Most importantly, when you have your card and you are ready to shop, sign-in to your CashBackCat account, find Macy’s, then click “Go to Store” and receive up to 3.00% Cash Back on your Macy’s purchases. Let’s break it down in steps:

Step 1 – Sign-in to our CashBackCat account.
Step 2 – Find CardCash store (listed in the “Credit Card” Category, left column)
Step 3 – Click “Go to Store”
Step 4 – Find and purchase store(s) gift cards, up to 35% face value savings.
(Receive 1.00% Cash Back of principle amount of gift cards purchased)
Step 5 – Return to with your new store gift card(s), sign-in.
Step 6 – Find your gift card store(s) – Click “Go to Store”
Step 7 – Shop at stores using your gift card(s) and receive up to 50% Cash Back from

CardCash is a leader in the secondary gift card market. They have thousands of discounted gift cards in stock to help you save money. They also buy back cards, up to 92% of value. So if you ever get a gift card from a store you will never use, go to CardCash to get some cash. Remember to sign-in to your CashBackCat account to get your cash back, and then click on the “Go to Store.”

To Continue to the Full Report Click Here

About John Freeland

John Freeland is the President and CEO of His goal is to help online shoppers save money by providing amazing cash back rebates, coupons and exclusive deals on everyday items. John blogs at and can also be reached at John is also an investor and owner of various companies in a variety of industries ranging from real estate to ecommerce to investment banking.

About is a Cash Back Rebate and Coupon website offering up to 50% Cash Back on over 1,600 partnered stores on its website. CashBackCat’s goal is to save members as much as possible when shopping by using cash back rewards and coupons. Membership is Free and new members receive a $5 Welcome Bonus upon registering. To receive special discounts and cash back deals, sign up for the weekly newsletter, The Smart Shopping Newsletter at

John Freeland, President and CEO
Las Vegas, Nevada
Direct: (661) 388-1900


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