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EnviroFry Warns Toxic Mold Frequently Infests Mobile & Manufactured Homes in Arizona, Nevada, & Calif

October 1, 2014

Certified Environmental Hygienists Phillip Fry and Lee Maglanoc recommend mold inspection and testing for mobile and manufactured homes in Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and elsewhere in Arizona, California, and Nevada.


Montrose, MI, September 30, 2014(PressReleaseCircle) — “The defects built into mobile and manufactured homes and their installation over a crawl space are the two major reasons why toxic mold growth is frequently found inside and beneath such homes in Arizona, Nevada, and California,” warn Phillip Fry and Lee Maglanoc, Certified Environmental Hygienists, who frequently inspect and do mold removal for mobile and manufactured homes in the western U.S.A.

“Placing a mobile or manufactured home over a crawl space invites water intrusion and mold growth because of these problems: (1) water wicks upward from out of the ground to cause high crawl space humidity; (2) rain water runs into the crawl space; and (3) inferior quality and careless installation of plumbing water supply and sewer line beneath the home cause significant water leaks into the crawl space,” point out Fry and Maglanoc, who are also Professional Industrial Hygienists, Certified Mold Inspectors, and Certified Mould Remediators.

“One major building defect of mobile and manufactured homes is a substandard roof made of steel or tin that rusts out and leaks, or, alternatively, made from low quality shingles that are stapled (rather than nailed) onto low-quality roof decking and underlayment moisture barrier,” add the mold experts.

Other mold-related building defects include: (1) walls that cannot be opened for mold inspection and removal without replacing the entire walls; (2) use of low-quality plumbing water supply and sewer lines that degrade and leak over time; (3) inadequate wall, ceiling, and roof insulation; (4) use of roof top swamp coolers that often leak and that always increase the indoor, mold-causing humidity; and (5) window and wall air conditioners and central heating/cooling systems that function as productive mold factories. For more air conditioning mold information, visit

West coast EnviroFry manager Maglanoc takes these steps in inspecting and testing mobile and manufactured homes:

1. Carefully physically inspect the entire home and its crawl space and heating/cooling air supply ducts for water and mold problems;

2. Do mold air tests, with mold lab analysis for mold species identification and quantification, of the crawl space air, living room air, bedroom air, and the air flow out of at least one heating/cooling duct register.

Mr. Maglanoc has over 20 years experience in environmental inspection and remediation.

To schedule mold inspection and testing for a mobile or manufactured home in Phoenix, Mesa, Tucson, Arizona state-wide, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, California state-wide, and Las Vegas, Nevada, email Mr. Maglanoc, or phone 602-757-1918, or visit websites,,, or

Phillip Fry, Co-Manager
10104 Sheridan Rd.,
Montrose, MI 48457
Phone Toll-Free 866-300-1616 or 801-639-0523
Cell Phone 480-310-7970


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