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EnviroFry Recommends Ozone Decontamination of Arizona Homes & Workplaces To Kill Bacteria & Mold

September 28, 2014

Certified Environmental Hygienist Phillip Fry recommends that Phoenix, Tucson, and other Arizona houses and workplaces be bacteria, virus, and mold decontaminated at least every six to twelve months with high output ozone gas.


Montrose, MI, September 27, 2014(PressReleaseCircle) — To neutralize health-damaging bacteria, viruses, and toxic mold growth that are present in over half of the residences and commercial buildings in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Arizona-wide, Certified Environmental Hygienist Phillip Fry recommends that homes and workplaces be treated at least every six to twelve months with eight hours of high output ozone gas throughout the structure, including inside heating and cooling equipment and air ducts, attic, basement, and crawl space.

High output ozone gas is an effective antimicrobial oxidizer that can be safely fogged as a disinfectant, sanitizer, and decontaminating agent in both homes and workplaces, according to Mr. Fry, who is also a Professional Industrial Hygienist, co-manager of EnviroFry, and webmaster since 1999 of the mold information website, plus

Ozone, which has been validated by scientists since 1906 for a multitude of pathogens in an array of applications, kills all known human pathogens, such as Ebola, H7N9 avian flu, SARS, and almost all other disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and fungal species such as the health-destroying Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Chaetomium toxic mold species.

Ozone is safe to use provided that are no workers or residents, pets, or live plants inside the building during the actual ozone treatment process, and for one to two hours afterwards.

Studies have proven that ozone is more efficient and has a higher oxidation kill potential than most traditional disinfectant/sanitizers (e.g. chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, peroxyacetic acid and chlorine dioxide), and its use eliminates the need to alternate different sanitizers because germs and viruses cannot build a tolerance to ozone. Ozone is non-corrosive to the surfaces of buildings and furnishings, and leaves no residue (treated surfaces never need a final fresh water rinse).

In depth information on the use of ozone for home and building decontamination is provided at

EnviroFry provides ozone home and building decontamination, plus mold inspection, mold testing, and mold remediation services in Apache Junction, Avondale, Casa Grande, Chandler, Flagstaff, Fountain Hills, Glendale, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Phoenix, Prescott, Scottsdale, Sun City, Tempe, Tucson, Yuma, and all other Arizona communities.

Elevated levels of indoor germs and mold have been linked to over 100 major health problems, including lung cancer, breathing problems, chronic coughing and sneezing, chronic sinusitis, chronic headaches and memory problems, chronic tiredness, skin rashes, Arizona’s Valley Fever, and many other serious medical problems that are listed on the home page of the mold information website

To schedule ozone decontamination, mold remediation, inspection, and testing for a home or building anywhere in Arizona, phone EnviroFry Arizona manager Lee Maglonoc, Certified Environmental Hygienist, at 602-757-1918, or email, or visit,,, or

For free answers to germ decontamination and mold questions and problems, contact either Mr. Maglanoc or mold consultant Phillip Fry, whose phone is toll-free 1-866-300-1616, or 1-810-639-0523, or Phillip’s cell phone 1-480-310-7970, or email, or visit the EnviroFry company website

Phillip Fry, Co-Manager
10104 Sheridan Rd.,
Montrose, Michigan 48457
Phone Toll-Free 1-866-300-1616
Cell Phone 1-480-310-7970


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