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Celebrity Affirmations Offers Unique, Inspirational Affirmations

July 31, 2014

Saint John, NB, July 31, 2014 (PressReleaseCircle) — Celebrity Affirmations is a brand new service aimed at helping people gain lasting encouragement from voices they recognize. Using the best celebrity impersonators, Celebrity Affirmations delivers truly inspirational messages.


While affirmations can have an effect when read, studies have shown that affirmations have a much bigger impact when they are said by a respected individual. Affirmations are much more believable when spoken from an authoritarian voice, and people are much more likely to listen and follow through with affirmations when they come from a recognized voice.

Using those proven theories, Celebrity Affirmations reached out to the best celebrity voice impersonators. With the help of celebrity impersonators of well-known stars, such as Sean Connery, Morgan Freeman, and Andy Garcia, Celebrity Affirmations has captured some of the most uplifting affirmations and placed them on their website.

Recent clients are leaving rave reviews. One customer said, “The difference I saw in the impact of the affirmations was huge. It was much more powerful for me to listen to my positive affirmations by a true celebrity voice, a well – respected and well – known person. Hearing my positive affirmation from Al Pacino or Sean Connery had a much bigger impact to my spirituality and everyday life.”

Celebrity Affirmations offers believable, successful affirmations in the voices of today’s biggest Hollywood names. Anyone who is interested in following through with a positive affirmation from a voice they recognize can visit

About Celebrity Affirmations

Celebrity Affirmations understands the true psychology of affirmations. Using their expertise and genuine dedication to people living better lives, Celebrity Affirmations has released an exclusive set of celebrity-voiced positive messages.

Eric Beyer
Celebrity Affirmations
Saint John, NB


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