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Looking for a Class 5 Softswitch to start a VoIP Telecom company or upgrade your existing system to a more robust solution

March 22, 2014

Class 5 Softswitch for Residential and Business Phone Service. This rugged solution can assist any organization maximize its Return on Investment (ROI).


Delaware, USA, March 22, 2014 — aTel Class 5 Softswitch and Billing Solution (Residential and Business Solution)

aTel Class 5 Softswitch is an award winning carrier grade solution, provided with superior functionalities to make it the most secure class 5 softswitch on the market today. It is ideal for companies looking to provide VoIP services, residential broadband services, either through a direct connection or working with PBX systems or service providers who want to implement hosted services for small, medium and large enterprises. This softswitch is fully loaded with lots functions and features.

This class 5 softswitch give a complete network management solution for VoIP/Service and other business organizations on a single platform. Our solutions enable service providers to build scalable and reliable VoIP networks. Based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), we offer a full scale routing capabilities to maximize performance for small, medium and large voice and data networks. Our software is used in several countries by existing and new VoIP and service organizations, educational institutions, governments and non-governmental establishments.

Integrated with prepaid and post paid plan subscription, real time call authorization and call routing. flexibility in routing through priority, prefix and or percentage based routing. Call failover depending on clients’ direction and lots more. This solution is fully integrated with auto dialer, call center, advanced PBX features and conference software. In addition our class 5 softswitch has DID management/bulk SMS modules, mobile top-up feature, wholesale/retail call termination and origination, calling card solution, unlimited resellers panel, callback and callshop modules, fax broadcast, online shopping and many of other advanced features.

Our company is well known in this industry as the only one that integrates call center, conference, auto dialer, and advanced PBX solutions as part of Class 5 softswitch in addition to other features, backed by advanced security features. Based on this premise, our clients do not need to pay for any additional add-ons as everything is already built-in to the softswitch.

Request for demo today and enjoy our March discount pricing for all software.

About Us

New Concept Technologies is a market leader in carrier grade turn-key class 4/5 softswitch, calling card (PIN and PINless), call center solutions, call termination and origination, voice broadcast, auto dialer, PBX, live chat and click-to-software, mobile dialer applications (Android/iOS) and other solutions for VoIP service providers and other specialized enterprises.
Our solutions are highly scalable, user friendly, modular, flexible, and integrated with a mature VoIP Billing System, Provisioning System, Auto-configuration system and variety of other advanced features. Our products are compatible with SIP based applications/equipment manufactured around the world.

We have offices in USA and Australia and have resellers around the world.

Dr Dickson Simeon
Regional Director
New Concept Technologies LLC
3422 Old Capitol Trail
DE 19808 USA
Phone: 1-877-841-3512

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