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New Thriller Set In African Reads Like A Page In Today’s Top News Headlines

November 5, 2013

International author, Damien Dsoul is pleased to announce the release of his new thriller, The Rabbit’s Man.

New York, USA, November 04, 2013 — In the oil-rich region of the Niger-Delta, six armed militants of the United Niger-Delta Brigade steal into an oil jetty station near the Bonny Estuary and murder three foreign expatriates.



Cape City, Nigeria. Kingsley Azobi, a Nigerian real-estate developer is facing bankruptcy. His only means of getting out of it: return to his former lifestyle as a gun smuggler and supply weapons to the United Niger-Delta Brigade. Just when things can’t get any worst, in comes Lionel Parrish, a suave British spy with a secret agenda persuading him to take the job or risk his exposure of his past life.

Caught in a web of betrayal and death, Kingsley must do whatever he can to protect himself and his family from being destroyed by a past he once thought to have escaped, knowing that any wrong step could be his last.

The Rabbit’s Man is available in print and ebook format.

Book Information:

The Rabbit’s Man

Author: Damien Dsoul

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 978-1492841173

Published: September 2013

Pages: 300

Genre: Thriller

About The Author:

Damien Dsoul was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He has written numerous novels and short story collections such as Brown Eyes, Blue Smile (ISBN: 978-1481990653), The Story of Caya, and The Story of Michael. Dsoul currently resides outside of New York City.

For more information, review copies, or interviews please contact the author at:

Damien Dsoul
The Rabbit’s Man
New York, USA


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