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eFlip Standard is Best Flipbook Software Released with Cool E-Navigation Feature

August 31, 2013

eFlip Standard is published as handy flip book maker by eFlip Co., Ltd. The software allows users to create useful e-navigation for their page flipping ebooks easily.

P.R.China, August 30, 2013 — Recently, the Hong Kong based software group, eFlip Business Software Group, released their newest Flash and HTML5 flipbook software. The all new eFlip Standard is perfect for anyone who is looking to make a flipbook for personal or business uses in minutes with fast and friendly-to-use software. Available to purchase online for just $199.00, eFlip Standard can be the foundation on a variety of projects.



When using eFlip Standard, navigation is incredibly easy. Software developers at eFlip Business Software Group made eFlip Standard with the average computer user in mind.

eFlip Standard has an amazing e-navigation feature in the online flipping ebook library that can be incredibly useful. This feature provides a fast and easy way to communicate between the publisher and reader allowing businesses and organizations, especially in the healthcare field, to find this kind of technology useful. With the e-navigation feature, users create an online page flipping catalog and visitors can find what they are looking for by referring to bookmarks.

eFlip Standard lets users add this e-navigation tool in a page flipping ebook by either creating a table of contents in the “Bookmark” tab or creating digital bookmarks throughout the page flipping ebook. These two easy ways to add e-navigation allow an incredible function by two different means in order to achieve one amazing result.

With this bookmark navigation feature, users can click to go to specific pages at once which can be very useful for those researching topics in a digital library.

Available for both Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP as well as Mac OS 10.5 and above, eFlip Standard can serve as an easy and resourceful tool to allow business or organization to blossom when distributing literature. One of the best things about eFlip Standard is that once a user makes a purchase, there are lifetime licenses, which allow for any updates that the software may have in the future making eFlip Standard the most current version a user owns for the rest of their life.

To purchase eFlip Standard interested buyers can visit

Lailie Tan
eFlip Software Co.,Ltd
10th Floor ,XinGangZhongLu 366,
HaiZhu District, GuangZhou, Guangdong Province,
P.R.China 510530
Telephone: 020-85530201


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