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Bill’s P.R.I.D.E. – William Sawyers New Book Due Out September 2013

August 22, 2013

William Sawyers new book due out September 2013. A book written almost 15 years ago, and just now coming out. Why? To keep children from never to try to try smoking. Based on his personal experiences from smoking and the awful affects it causes. Third grade on up.

CONCORD, CA, August 22, 2013 — Author William Sawyers documents the steps and information required to help keep children from tobacco; “daring to make a difference in today’s youth-one page at a time”.

Author William Sawyers was a previous smoker who indulged in this life changing habit while the youth he was in contact with daily was able to observe his actions regularly.

Mr. Sawyers’ wife wanted him to stop smoking as a Christmas gift and while he attempted multiple times, he was unsuccessful until one day he realized he had to stop. He did not want the children smoking or seeing this habit of his daily.

He tried repeatedly until he eventually became a part of the D.A.R.E. program that gave him the courage to stop smoking. William Sawyers writes about this in his book titled, “Bill’s P.R.I.D.E.”, which he outlines his smoking habits and his random attempts at stopping. He also details his life-changing revelation of joining D.A.R.E., having the courage to finally stop, and how good that made him feel.

Mr. Sawyers details his smoking habit, attempts to quit, participation with the DARE program, and eventual smoking cessation his book. He also donates a portion of the money he receives through the sales of his story to various schools.

You can follow the progress of Author William Sawyers at the following locations:

William Sawyers a school custodian with the M.D.U.S.D, and a published children author since 2005.

He’s helping out three local schools from my book profits. Soon to be four.

He goes by the name of Mr. Bill to all his friends.

William Sawyers
Bills Short Stories
Concord, CA, USA
Voice: 925-687-9038


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