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DryShield to Offer Free Estimates for Waterproofing Projects

DryShield has added a free online estimation tool to their site. This tool offers quotes for residential and commercial waterproofing projects.


Toronto, Ontario, March 05, 2018 — Wet basement is a common problem nowadays. Some of the common signs of the problem are musty odour, mould, corrosion, stains on walls, paint peeling off, and rusting. Generally, it could be caused by many reasons.

Some of the common causes of the problem are condensation, cracks in concrete basement walls, leaking or broken pipe, sump pump not working, blocked, leaking or damaged gutters, leaking window well, inappropriate surface drainage, obstruction in downspout, sewer water backup and hydrostatic pressure.

It is essential to deal with the abovementioned problem as soon as possible. In case the problem is left unaddressed for a long time, it could intensify and cause damage to the items that might be stored in the underground room. When left unaddressed, water could cause damage to the walls, drywall, hardwood flooring and support beams. When not attended timely, the abovementioned problem could affect the structural integrity of the house.

Also, stagnant water could cause pest infestation and the growth of mould and mildew. Mould generally grows on ceiling, carpet, wood, tiles and painted walls. Once air moves from wet underground room, mildew spores and mould could spread in the air throughout the structure. Furthermore, dampness in the room could cause damage to the wooden structures. Also, dampness or water in the underground room could weaken the foundation of house.

Luckily, there’re numerous solutions to the abovementioned problem. Hiring a professional waterproofing contractor, such as DryShield, is a good option as the contractor has the required experience and skill set. The company specializes in wet basement Toronto repairs, basement crack repair, interior and exterior waterproofing solutions.

DryShield’s techniques of waterproofing include covering the cellar walls with weeping tiles, protective coatings, sealers and membranes. The sealers avert the water from getting into basement, whereas the weeping tile averts flooding in the underground room. They utilize membranes like an exterior protective layer in order to avert wall damage.

Recently, the company has added a free online estimation tool to their site. This tool offers quotes for residential and commercial waterproofing projects. Also, the tool offers quotes for concrete crack injection, interior and exterior waterproofing.

About the company
DryShield is a Toronto-based waterproofing company with over two and a half decades of industrial expertise. The company offers basement waterproofing services in Toronto. Also, the organization undertakes wet underground room repair projects in Toronto.

Dryshield Waterproofing
Toronto, Canada


Cannabis Facility Management and Security Requirements Training

Toronto, ON, February 20, 2018 — On February 28th, NACPT Pharma College, will be conducting Cannabis or Marijuana Facility Set-up and Plant Management Workshop in Toronto, ON. This workshop can help any professional that is interested in setting-up a full scale Cannabis or Marijuana production.


Mr. Alex Goldstein, is one of the industrial experts at NACPT Pharma College. With his 13 years of progressive experience servicing the Canadian public sector and private Security industries, and with his most recent work with Led Threat Risk Assessments and suitability reviews, site audits, Standard Operating Procedure reviews, and site or design plan consulting for Cannabis or Marijuana companies across Canada.

Workshop will include the basic facility management, pest management, soil control and batch production processes. In addition, the speaker will be able to address on the Identify the key differences in plant characteristics. Alex will also provide a solid insight about the security measurements such as Threat Risk Assessment, Suitability Community Studies, Zoning by-Laws, Effective Surveillance and Alarm System, Access Control System and Incident Management System.

The facility management and security is an essential skill for professionals from Cannabis Production and Distribution, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Research and Development (R&D), Analytical Development (AD) and Regulatory Compliance. In addition, Medical Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners, other practitioners can also get benefits from the specific workshop.

About US:

NACPT Pharma College, has developed a series of Medical Marijuana/Cannabis workshop training focusing on various modules from how to become a licensed producer (LP), to various processes related to pharmaceutical medical Cannabis/Marijuana product development and clinical research activities, regulatory and legal realities associated with the start-up companies and medical practitioners.

“NACPT Pharma College provides a full spectrum of Cannabis or Marijuana Workshops

Contact Us:
Dianne Da Silva
NACPT Pharma College
5310 Finch Avenue East, Unit #9
Toronto, ON, MIS 5E8
416-412-7374 or 647-998-7374

Patients’ guide to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

USA, February 13, 2018 — Intermountain Medical Imaging published an outstanding visual patients’ guide to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The visual asset created by Intermountain Medical Imaging comprises valuable information about the history of MRI and the future along with the recent advances in MRI. Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses a magnetic field and pulses or radio wave energy to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body.

The infographic entitled “Patients Guide to Medical Resonance Imaging” aims to help understanding Magnetic Resonance Imaging explaining the technology and the difference from a Computed Tomography (CT) scan or an X-ray. What is more, the advent of 3T MRI is described within the infographic as well as the best uses for 3T. Recently, MR machines with higher “3 Tesla” field strength have moved out of the research realm and entered into clinical settings. According to the infographic, 3T is best used for brain injuries and concussion, epilepsy and brain function, musculoskeletal and heart diseases.

In fact, doctors use MRI to examine the brain, pelvic region, spine, blood vessels, heart and abdomen. The future of MRI is also touched by the infographic. Medical researchers are working on combining MRI machines with other imaging with other imaging equipment in order to make it easier and faster to diagnose and treat patients. Combining MRI and PET into one helps reduce the stress placed on patients when it comes to these time-consuming tests.

As far as the creator of this great infographic is concerned, Intermountain Medical Imaging was established in August of 1999 in downtown Boise, the first imaging center to offer 3T MRI in Southwest Idaho. Intermountain Medical Imaging offers both a 1.5T MRI option with their Siemens 1.5T MRI scanner and a 3T MRI option with their Philips Ingenia 3T MRI. The 3T MRI has almost 2.3 feet diameter opening to provide a full foot of space over the patient’s head. This allows a new level of comfort for their patients.

John B.
Intermountain Medical Imaging
208 472 8101

Impacts, Causes and Solution to Leaky Basement Problem

Water seepage in basement is a widespread problem nowadays. In case the problem is left unaddressed for a long period of time, it causes flooding in the underground room. Besides flooding in the underground room, constant exposure to moisture causes damage to the goods stored in the room.  Also, moisture seepage in the underground room causes mould, mildew, fungus and rust.

Common Causes of Seepage and Leakage

Some of the common causes of seepage and leakage in basement are cracks on walls, hydrostatic pressure, air movement, burst pipes, inadequately installed, faulty or clogged drainage system, leaking window well, debris in gutters, sump pump not working and sewer water backup.

Leaking cracks in the walls are generally caused by the hydrostatic pressure exertion. Hydrostatic pressure generally arises when the water table of the area rises. The water table rises when the groundwater level increases.

The exerted pressure causes the formation of cracks in the foundation. Furthermore, the hydrostatic pressure pushes water into the underground room through the wall cracks. If left unrepaired for a long period of time, small crevices turn into large fissures that allow water from outside, moisture and radon gas to enter the property.

Solution to the Issue

One of the best ways to get rid of the abovementioned issues is basement waterproofing. It is a useful technique of directing the water from the exterior, thus, stopping and preventing the leaks in the underground room walls. Also, it not only raises the value of the property, but also prevents mould growth and water from getting into the underground room and causing damage to wood, walls and foundation of the house.

It’s good to hire a waterproofing contactor, such as DryShield, in order to safeguard the cellar from water seepage and damage. DryShield offers basement waterproofing services in Toronto. The company has a team of technicians.

First of all, they inspect the underground room and other areas of home that need waterproofing. During inspection, they identify the problem and its cause. After identifying the problem and its cause, they formulate a plan of action and discuss it with the homeowners. Furthermore, they advise homeowners the appropriate and cost-efficient basement waterproofing technique.

The technicians not only specialize in basement waterproofing, but also have expertise in carrying out concrete crack repair with epoxy and polyurethane injection techniques. They’ve the required experience and tools for repairing basement wall cracks.

Causes and Solution of Cracks in Basement

Basements are mostly used for entertainment, storage and recreational purposes. Unfortunately, witnessing cracks on basement wall & floor defeats the different purposes of usage and indicates the possibility of critical water & moisture seepage problems happening in a really short time.

Crevices are generally seen in older basements and are developed because of groundwater, swelling & hydrostatic pressure of soil against walls as well as expansion and contraction of soil underneath the basement. Shifting and settling of house also causes poured concrete basement foundation to develop crevices on walls.

Well, gaps on basement walls allow ground water, acidic water and dampness to leak into the basement from the outside and cause mould & mildew growth as well as mosquito infestation that spread infectious diseases like dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya, etc.

Best Solution for the Problem

Issues arising from gaps become more severe after a while and bring extensive damage to properties, in case not addressed. The most convenient and affordable way to fix structural and leaking cracks in poured foundation walls is crack injection. The main objective of the crack injection method is to permanently seal the gap by injecting liquid polyurethane foam resin into it.

The method involves the use of polyurethane resin, surface ports that allow the injecting foam to flow into and fill the crevice and grease gun that injects the resin into the ports glued into the holes drilled alongside the crack. The ports let the resin material to flow all over the gap in the foundation. Before injection, surface or steel ports glued with epoxy adhesive are fixed into the holes to make sure that the injected foam material does not drop from the front of the crack.

The injection kit uses polyurethane foam to inject it into the crack in the basement foundation wall and fill it completely. Not like other methods of crack repair, polyurethane spreads completely into the crack, fills it and glues to the cement. It stays quite flexible in due course in order that even though the foundation shifts or moves again the polyurethane foam resin will move with it and prevents the crack from happening again.

In order to completely seal the cracks and retain the structural reliability and integrity of properties, it is essential for homeowners to take specialized assistance for basement crack repair. The best way to ensure that the problem is resolved efficiently is to hire a specialized basement crack injection repair company, such as DryShield. The technicians of DryShield have the experience, knowledge, skills and tools required to repair wall and floor cracks.

Reason Why It Is Important to Waterproof Ontario Homes and Basements before winters

Winters are coming. The time is approaching when snowfall will once again hit the cities and suburbs in Ontario. Once again the Ontario homes and buildings are about to get damaged due to the dampness caused by melting snow.  As usual, homeowners are not bothered by the upcoming threat to their properties.

Melting snow on flat roof leads to a series of troubles like dampness on bedroom and basement walls and dampness promotes the growth of mould, mildew, mosquitoes, fungi and other harmful microorganisms. Besides melting snow the other factors that cause wetness in basement and damp patches on internal walls are cracks, sewer water backup, clogged drain pipes, and rain water going under house.

All such factors wreak havoc on the foundation and destruct the structural reliability & integrity of homes and buildings. Once the foundation of structure has weakened and its structural reliability has compromised, it not only becomes unsafe for the inhabitants, but also poses whole structure collapse risk in the locality.

The Myth and the Reality of Ontario Homes and Their Owners

Many homeowners believe that simple paintwork and tile work can permanently hide the damp patches on walls. However, applying paint or tiles to damp spots on walls is not a permanent solution for the reason that the wet spots come out of newly painted walls and above tiles within one or two weeks.

The only solution to get rid of dampness, permanently cover wet spots on interior walls and put a stop to mould & mildew growth is waterproofing. However, waterproofing is not something that every homeowner or construction company or contractor is aware of and interested in.

Experience and Knowledge Does Matter

Only some specialized basement waterproofing companies like DryShield are capable of dealing with such issues. Talking about specialization, DryShield is an Ontario based waterproofing company with the most professional and experienced technicians who have successfully repaired and waterproofed thousands of homes, offices, shops and commercial buildings in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.

All of their technicians have undergone specialized training in concrete crack repair, crack injection sealing, basement waterproofing, mould removal, foundation repair, damp proofing and other home repair techniques. They have complete knowledge on how to remove damp spots from walls, fill cracks in concrete foundation and waterproof the whole structure for good. All the Ontario residents and business owners who have availed their basement waterproofing services have never encountered such problems ever again.

Precision Security Australia: Melbourne’s CCTV Installer


Campbellfiield, Victoria Australia, September 22, 2017 — Security cameras are a popular feature to install in homes and businesses in today’s turbulent atmosphere. You never know when you might need to have recordings of what goes on your property. Having a security camera system installed can save you money and even possibly your life.

Due to the nature of security cameras you can’t just install them yourself. Wires need to be run in order to connect the camera to a recorder and often this needs to be done by a professional. Additionally, mounting of security cameras can be extremely difficult if you don’t have the proper equipment. Lastly, setting up your recording system can be complicated and a professional can help you with that.

Precision Security Australia is considered by many to be Melbourne’s leading CCTV installer. The company itself has years of experience to back it. There is also a world class warranty that accompanies service and products provided by Precision Security Australia.

The Precision Security Australia process starts with a free onsite security survey to ensure that we know exactly what you are in need of before we give you a quote. We also provide you with an onsite demonstration of the products that we are going to recommend so that you can see how they work. Then we give you a fair quote that fits within your budget while still giving your home or business the security solution that it needs.

Contact Precision Security Australia today to set up an onsite appointment for a survey and quote.

Baloydi Law
Precision Security Australia
Campbellfiield, Victoria Australia 3061
Phone number: 1300 766 110