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Inforce Life Announces All New and Upgraded Health Insurance Plans with Extra Benefits

Inforce Life have come up with all the new and upgraded health insurance plans that cover nearly everything.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada — 14 November 2018, 2018 — Inforce Life, a Toronto based insurance broker firm, have recently announced the various health insurance packages that cover all the specific services such as prescription drugs, critical illness, long-term care, and short-term disability. These packages may also include some of the routine check-ups like dental care, vision expenses, and visit a physician for normal viral cases of flu. This has made their insurance packages nearly perfect for everyone. However, you need to check the terms of the package you have enrolled for knowing all the benefits included. This firm has also stated that they will ask the health insurance professionals to guide you through the different packages and help you choose the best according to your needs. All these services along with the new health insurance packages make Inforce Life a good competitive private insurance firm in Canada for all the healthcare needs.

The new health insurance Toronto packages are a way to make the medicines and treatments an affordable option for everyone in Canada. This insurance firm has especially taken care of the struggles one has to face due to the extreme temperatures and its adverse health effects. Stating these reasons, it has also added normal routine check-ups into the insurance policies.

The upgraded policies have also extended the time period of the coverage. This means now you can buy a health insurance Canada and stay safe and covered for nearly a year. Before the initial time period for any health insurance was limited to 3 months.

The different packages also come with different coverages plans. However, routine dental and vision check-ups, prescription drugs, and certain critical illness are covered nearly in all the short-term, limited-duration policies. Therefore, it covers nearly all the basic essentials under health insurance Toronto policies. For extra benefits, you need to talk to the insurance professionals and choose the best policy according to your needs.

About the Company
Inforce Life is a trustworthy insurance broker company in Toronto. They deal with various different types of insurance policies including health, life, business, travel, educational and financial insurance. This firm also has a variety of packages in each type of insurance, so one can choose according to the needs.

You can contact Inforce Life for their health insurance quotes or any other information. You can check the health insurance plans at or reach to them via email ID or contact number (416) 3216000 / (416) 9090400. Inforce Life is a registered insurance broker company, and its registered address is – 10 Milner Business Court, Unit 707, Scarborough, ON, M1B3C6.

Inforce Life
10 Milner Business Court,
Scarborough, ON, M1B3C6
(416) 3216000


Infographic Helps You Decide To Repair or Replace Your Roof

Campbell, California, 15 November 2018 — It’s easy to take your roof for granted—until it starts falling apart. To make things worse, there are plenty of roofing contractors out there that will push for repairs or full replacement because it’s their preferred kind of work, not because it’s what your roof actually needs. In reality, there are several factors you should consider when trying to decide if it makes sense to repair your roof again, or whether you’re better off with a brand new roof. While there is no hard-and-fast answer to which approach is better for your needs, being cognizant of these factors will help you make the right decision for your home, your family, and your bank account. Of course, if you have a local roofing contractor that you know for a fact you can trust, there is no substitute for an expert opinion. For that reason, Campbell Roofing published an informative infographic to help you decide whether to repair or replace your roof. Should you repair or replace your roof?

There are a few considerations you should be aware of. First, calculate how long you will live in your house. Then, get to know how many layers the rood already has. Do not forget to inspect how extensive the damaged area is. Another significant consideration requires knowing how much it will cost to replace/repair your roof. It is also of importance if the whole roof is the same color or not. And to what extent moisture or water damage is involved.

About Campbell Roofing: Campbell Roofing is a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor in San Jose, covering homes and businesses throughout the South Bay. With 10 year warranties, free estimates, and experience with a wide variety of shake, shingle, tile, and flat roofing systems, Campbell Roofing is ready to be your roofer for life.

Roger Garza
Campbell Roofing Inc
211 E Hacienda Ave
Campbell, California 95008
Phone: (408) 840-2772

Infographic revealing 5 Ways to Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts by Using Infographics


Singapore, October 20, 2018 — There’s a lot of content on the internet these days. So if you are a digital marketer, you need to stay ahead of the curve. Infographics are visually appealing and full of useful information, which leads to conversion. And when you integrate infographics into your strategy, they can significantly boost your marketing efforts. Visual Interactive have recently published an infographic listing 5 Ways to Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts by Using Infographics.

Infographics are visually appealing and full of useful information, which leads to conversion. What is more, when you integrate infographics into your strategy, they can significantly boost your marketing efforts.

According to the infographic people love bright colors and interesting visuals, and they are 80% more willing to read a longer piece of content after seeing and infographic.

In terms of engagement everyone always has something to say to infographics. And if they don’t, they have got something to click on – it’s your website.

By using infographics with a noticeable style, clients won’t be skimmed over on social media. Infographics are incredibly powerful tools for creating a positive image.

About Visual Interactive: Visual Interactive is formed by a team of communication designer and strategist who research, plan, design, and produce innovative solutions to visual communication problems. Our solution includes web & app development, e-learning, digital experience, interactive and instructional design.

We work with digital marketing agencies, businesses and webmasters to help amplify content marketing campaigns for their clients and their own brands. Our team is based in Singapore and Malaysia and we have more than 10 years of experience in design thinking, branding, content development and data visualisation.

John D
Visuer Interactive Pte Ltd
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Singapore 039594
Phone: 35689745239

Cryo Heal Announces New Website Launch

Cryo Heal, a specialty whole body cryotherapy clinic, has developed a new website to provide clients with easier access to essential information and services offered.


Woodbridge, ON, October 18, 2018 — Cryo Heal, a specialty whole body cryotherapy clinic, has developed a new website to provide clients with easier access to essential information and services offered. The website has been updated with new features designed to better assist visitors.

The new website is sleekly designed with drop down menus to help users easily navigate the site. Information regarding whole body cryotherapy treatment can be accessed by looking through the “Whole Body Cryotherapy” menu and those clients seeking to understand the benefits of treatment can browse the “Benefits” menu. Visitors are encouraged to access the site at to experience the easy navigation directly.

Cryo Heal’s website will be regularly updated to announce monthly promotions offered exclusively online. These sessions can be secured through the new online booking system now available on the site. Treatments can still be booked through call/text at (416) 278-8130 as well as email at

The launch of this new website promises clients a way to gather relevant and up-to-date information concerning cryotherapy and Cryo Heal. Clients looking for cryotherapy services in Toronto are encouraged to visit

About Us: Cryo Heal is a specialty whole body cryotherapy studio strategically located in Woodbridge to serve the health-conscious community within the Greater Toronto Area. Cryo Heal is one of the few available locations for whole body cryotherapy treatment in Toronto and is dedicated to delivering superior, innovative cold therapies to accelerate athletic recovery, relieve pain and elevate overall wellbeing.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Cryo Heal at (416)278-8130 or email us at

Cryo Heal
Woodbridge, ON

Applications of Kitchen Countertops and Cabinets

Looking for kitchen countertops and kitchen cabinets in Brampton? Well, kitchen countertops and cabinets certainly add elegance as well as functionality to the kitchen. In addition to improving the look of kitchen, countertops and cabinets are really helpful in doing the arrangements as well as managing the space. Kitchen countertops are not only useful in installing essential things like gas stoves and wash basin, but also in keeping herb plant pots, pots, cutlery set, bowls, cups, plates, utensils, bottles, etc. On the other hand, kitchen cabinets are useful in storing packaged wheat flour, containers, tea packs, snacks, packaged food products, etc. All in all, kitchen countertops and cabinets are helpful in beautifying, systematizing and arranging the space.

Options for Kitchen Countertops

There are many options for kitchen countertops — ceramic tile, laminate, wood, butcher block, concrete, granite, engineered stone, glass, quartz, hardwood, etc. One essential thing to recognize about countertops is that they are generally installed over kitchen cupboards. Thus, a countertop option can be selected that suits the cupboards and cabinets. For instance, granite kitchen countertop generally suit Maplewood or cedar wood kitchen cabinets. Also, granite countertops are helpful in adding grandeur and grace to the kitchen. Plus, they are available in many color options. Hence, a color option can be selected in accordance with the color of kitchen cupboards and cabinets.

Moreover, wood kitchen countertops are elegant and can be cleaned easily. Also, they can be freshened up through sanding and sealing. Furthermore, the wood of countertop can be selected in accordance with the wood in cabinets.  Moreover, marble countertop generally suit modern and customized kitchen cabinets.

Similarly, cabinets can be selected for many reasons. They can be selected for organizing the space as well as setting up the look and design of the kitchen. As they are helpful in setting up the look of the kitchen, number of additional selections for the space can be made in accordance with the cabinet design. Also, the countertop and utensils can be selected in accordance with the type and design of the cabinets.

One Stop Shop

A variety of cabinets and countertop models can be explored on PLASTFORM. Furthermore, a wide collection of cabinets and countertop models is being offered by PLASTFORM. Actually, PLASTFORM is a family-owned and operated business that offers high quality products at reasonable prices. Furthermore, the business specializes in the design as well as installation of laminate countertops, kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. Also, the business is committed to delivering high customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the business presents a wide collection of various countertops, cabinetry and door styles that go with the space. They also provide faucets, sinks, handles and additional accessories. Also, the business has an impressive showroom as well as a dedicated personnel and installers who are cordial and helpful. They offer guidance for choosing kitchen countertops and cabinets as per the requirements. Furthermore, the business offers the products in many colors, styles and trends and at reasonable prices.

What Causes Water Seepage & How to Fix It?

Issues such as water seepage in basement or any other part within the structure can’t be ignored. Reason why the issue can’t be ignored as it could lead to flooding in the basement and mosquito infestation. Furthermore, constant contact with seeped water could not only cause damage to the strength of the foundation, but also to the furniture, equipment and goods kept in the room.  There’re a number of causes due to which water seepage takes place. The issue arises because of the formation of crevices and cracks in the wall, hydrostatic pressure, leaky pipes, sewage backup, leaky window well, inappropriate surface drainage, leaky or clogged gutters, etc.

Whatever the causes may be, the situation must be handled right away. One of the most effective approaches to stop and prevent water seepage is waterproofing. Furthermore, availing the services of a professional waterproofing contractor, such as DryShield, is a smart approach and one of the most convenient options for taking care of the abovementioned issue. As stated before, DryShield is a professional waterproofing contractor that has been in the business for two and a half decades. The operational areas of the contractor are Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Services being offered by the contractor comprise basement wall crack repair, wet & leaky basement repair, mould removal, sewage cleanup, dehumidification and waterproofing Toronto properties, including residential and commercial.

The Offered Services

The contractor pays a visit to the properties in order to determine the issue and its cause. Once the issue and its cause are determined, the contractor provides the property owners with certain efficient techniques to deal with the issue along with elaborated estimates. They inspect the basement along with additional parts of the structure that might need waterproofing.

Situations and Their Solutions

In case water is coming into the cellar through cracks, the contractor utilizes waterproof coatings to seal them. For cracks in poured concrete basement walls, the contractor fills and seals the crevices with the aid of polyurethane or epoxy injection method.

In case the issue is arising due to hydrostatic pressure, improper grading, etc, they resort to external waterproofing. Also, they resort to internal waterproofing in order to control the flow of water within the cellar. This method is applied once the water has already got into the cellar walls. They install weeping tiles to route the seeped water from the cellar to sump pit. Once the seeped water is collected in the pit, the float switch activates the sump pump. Then, the sump pump takes the accumulated water away and pumps it out of the structure via discharge pipes.

Furthermore, they apply sealants on the walls and floor with the objective to keep water and moisture from getting into the cellar. These steps are taken as the process of waterproofing incorporates an arrangement of installing drainage systems and applying sealants.

How to Stop and Prevent Water Seepage in Basement?

Water seepage in basement is a common occurrence nowadays. Constant exposure to water could cause damage to the stability of the foundation as well as the goods kept in the underground room. Also, the situation could lead to flooding in the basement. Furthermore, water seeping into the basement could cause damage to the walls and wooden items.

The situation could turn a dry & habitable underground space into a leaky & wet basement. Also, a wet & leaky basement could cause mosquito, mould and mildew infestation. Besides that, the situation could, after a while, undermine the foundation.

Technique to Tackle the Situation   

Basement waterproofing is one of the most efficient techniques of dealing with the aforementioned situation. The technique is useful in directing the water from the exterior, thus, averting water seepage through cellar walls. It makes and keeps the underground room dry all through the year.

Furthermore, there’re actually two methods to perform basement waterproofing. It can be performed internally (within the cellar) as well as externally (outside the cellar). Both methods and their procedures are described below.

Internal Waterproofing

It is known as water management or control solution as it makes no attempt to obstruct the water from getting into the cellar walls. Preferably, it controls and changes the flow of water once it has got into the cellar walls.

Also, in this method, the work is performed within the basement. Furthermore, in this method, an internal drainage system is installed within the cellar. This system draws water away that has already got into the cellar walls and sends it through the weeping tiles that are installed around the foundation footings. The weeping tiles are then connected to sump pit. They send the water from the cellar to sump pit. Lastly, the water accumulated in the sump pit is pumped outside the cellar by sump pump.

Furthermore, in this method, sealants are applied on the cellar walls and floors with the objective to prevent water and moisture from getting seeped into the cellar walls and floors. Also, the sealants prevent mould and mildew growth. They avert moisture from seeping into the additional parts of the property.

External Waterproofing

This method involves excavation of ground near the property. The work is performed outside the basement. Also, this method is known as positive side waterproofing as it takes care of the hydrostatic pressure and obstructs the water from getting into the cellar.

In this method, waterproof bonding membranes or polymers are applied on the exterior walls of the basement. Also, an exterior drainage system is installed along with dimple board that prevents moisture (from outside) from getting into the cellar and routes water into the weeping tiles.

In order to install the drainage system, a trench is dug around the periphery of basement walls. The weeping tiles are actually perforated pipes that direct water to storm drain.  Lastly, the excavated ground is backfilled and the region is graded in order to lead water away from the foundation.

Information Resource and the Implementers

More information about both the techniques can be received by consulting with professional waterproofing contractors toronto, like us. We, DryShield, are cognizant of the techniques, their procedures, advantages and applications.

Our workforce inspects the basement and additional parts of the building that need repair and waterproofing.  During basement inspection, they recognize the issue and the cause of it. After identifying the cause, they recommend the most appropriate repair method and waterproofing technique that is required to deal with the situation. The implementation process of the suggested method begins only after the approval.